“I walk the talk.”

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

In life and in business you need to know the right people. Like people who say they’ll help you — and then deliver. Meet Eddy, the man who walks the talk.

When you meet Eddy Cojulun there are a few things that jump right out. His energy and warm friendliness, of course. But also, something deeper that stays with you long after — his pride, passion, and a real sense of purpose for what he does.

Flexibility is key

As 可以赌足球的app’s Chief Sales Officer, responsible for listening to customers and making sure they get what they need, it’s these personal qualities and attitude that mean everything. For Eddy, the customer is the boss, “It’s all about being ready to meet their needs and challenges. We have to be flexible and agile, ready to solve issues, overcome challenges and make things right.”

Flexibility is key, and it’s a word he comes back too often. “At 可以赌足球的app, we’re building on our long-standing reliability and having the largest availability of containers,” says Eddy. “So, we’re the only ones who can offer our customers genuine flexibility. And who can make life as simple and easy as possible for them.”

Taking it to the customer’s level

Eddy is convinced that this flexibility takes 可以赌足球的app to the next level in helping customers and giving them full value. But it’s not just about good relationships and good business. It’s also because the stakes are so high for 可以赌足球的app’s customers and the world they serve. Eddy explains, “We help transport 50-60% of the world’s COVID-19 vaccines. Getting the vaccines to where they need to be — on time and in perfect condition — isn’t possible without us. And even in normal times, it’s the same with insulin for diabetics worldwide … if we don’t deliver, someone is in trouble. We can’t fail.”

Eddy knows that looking after customers and the world beyond is a huge responsibility. But it’s also a great source of pride, his passion and the purpose that drives him. In fact, it’s exactly why he joined the company at the end of 2019: “When 可以赌足球的app came to me, I said to myself: I really need to do this!”

Facts panel

Name: Eddy Cojulun
Job: Chief Sales Officer, 可以赌足球的app
Family: Global Familiy Four daughters ( 1 Canada, 1 Italy and 2 Stockholm) and a BMW 1200 Adventure
Hobbies: Golf, badminton, squash and motorbiking